A Month of Monsters!

This month of daily Monster Meditations is almost over. In fact, had this not been leap year, I’d be posting my last one today. That being said, I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the wealth of monsters — and monstrous topics — out there.

When I wrote the first version of The Mary Shelley Game (several years ago) I thought it was a one-off. But it needed a twin, so I delved into Dracula and came up with the novella that will be published as Bram Stoker’s Summer Sublet later this year. My road trip to Poe country, AKA Richmond, Virginia, has given me a little boost of inspiration. I’m on track to publish the Poe-Monster before the end of 2012.

What’s next? Lots of other inspiring classics out there — I’m already pondering a Jekyll and Hyde-ish story and H.P. Lovecraft is a treasure trove of monster lore.

This month of monster mediations has been fun, and although I thought it would distract me from my short stories in other genres, it hasn’t. If you like short fiction, be sure to visit www.sweetcopy.com for a new short story every month. Short stories are great way to stretch and try out different voices, subjects and genres.

In March, I’ll continue to post here, but I’ll cut back to two or three times a week. Please continue to visit the site, comment and subscribe to the feed. I appreciate the comments and love the monster suggestions. Many of the posts this month came directly from monster ideas sent to this blog or to the Candy’s Monsters Fan page on Facebook.

In the coming months, I’ll do my best to keep posting odd, interesting and amusing content on all subjects related to monsters.