A Short Excerpt From The Mary Shelley Game

We’re more than half way through Monster Meditation Month. It’s time for an excerpt from one of the novellas in the Candy’s Monsters series of ebooks.

The Mary Shelley Game is the first Candy’s Monster. It’s available for the Kindle, and with the free Kindle Reader program, you can also read it on your iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, computer and many other devices.

As an homage to the origins of Mary Shelley’s original — her story started as a way to entertain her friends during a rainy stay at a country house — the characters in The Mary Shelley Game are invited to bring Frankenstein-inspired stories to a weekend house party.

It’s BYO-short story instead of a bottle of wine. The novella contains the stories contributed by the characters. Each story reveals something about the character/writer, while illuminating an aspect of the Frankenstein mythology. While the party guests read their stories, eat gourmet food and drink excellent wine, a real monster lurks in the woods surrounding the house.

The following is a short excerpt from The Mary Shelley Game.

He stayed in the shed with her for a while, listening to her breathe, and then slipped out silently. He had to hide her car so they’d believe she’d gone into town. The cars were behind the big house. He moved quickly and efficiently, not wasting time or movements. Keeping one of them in the shed was one thing — if he ran into anyone else now he’d have no choice but to kill — Plan C.

She’d arrived in the brand new Jaguar. He was fully prepared to hot-wire the car, but he found the ignition keys on a ring attached to the security ‘club’ that was left on the floor. City people were so funny, easily lulled into complacency by the illusion of rural life. The car roared. He enjoyed the sensation behind the wheel. It made him feel powerful. Why are all the exciting cars owned by fat, old men and their fat, old wives?