Anthology Time… Taking a BITE

I’ve got a story in a new anthology—The Bite Anthology Book 1. The editors are planning a series of short fiction collections to be published on a regular basis. It’s an ambitious plan and I like it. My story is in good company, surrounded by strangers from other styles & genres. Connor and Cody, the editors, tell me that future editions with be knitted together with themes. For the first book, they chose an eclectic mix.

An anthology is like a cocktail party. The stories mingle with strangers. If a reader chooses to go directly from story-to-story they encounter the entire room. If, like me, they choose to read one story at a time, it’s more like random encounters at a diner or at a bar. I’ve picked the one at a time pace largely because the stories are so different and I like to let the conclusions resonate before I jump to the next.

I’m more than half way though the book and it’s been a wild ride with an unusual brigand on a mission of revenge, a retired hit man, an abusive ghost, a dangerous work of art, and man’s best friend that really is a best friend.

My story bridges two of my passions—Argentine Tango and vampires. It’s a combination I’ve played with before, but never in a story I was ready to share—let alone publish in a collection without a vampire or paranormal umbrella theme. There’s a risk here. Readers interested in the noir realism of one story might be turned off by the magical elements in mine. My hope is that, like any good cocktail party, the hosts and the guests are open to new ideas and to new topics of conversation.

I invite all of you to visit this crazy party and meet the various protagonists and authors. The Bite Anthology Book 1 is available on Amazon for downloading right now.


The promotional illustration for you my story in    THE BITE ANTHOLOGY Book 1!


  1. I’ve just finished reading the anthology myself and, oddly enough, the two stories I enjoyed the most both had a supernatural ‘flavour’. I’m talking about yours, of course, and Escher. 🙂 As soon as my working week is over I’ll leave a review, but don’t worry, I think readers will enjoy the eclectic mix. 😀

    • Candy Korman

      A wild mix!
      When I tried going directly from one story to the next, I got dizzy.

      Glad you liked my story!