Candy’s Monsters Poetry Contest

Roses are Red and Poetry is NOT DEAD!

The entries in the Candy’s Monsters First Monster Poetry Contest prove that’s true—with political horror, undead whimsy, Halloween adventures, and (drum roll) a cannibal in the mirror, winner!

Yes, Laura Chabrow is the winning poet with her inspired—and creepy—Haiku style peek into a hungry cannibal’s mirror.

From the anguished soul,
Cannibal in the mirror
Bursts free…eats…more…more.

Laura won the prize!


A Monster Contest is in the works for 2017!!!



Roses are red
Poetry is dead
It’s time for a resurrection 
Monsters howling through sonnets
Dressed in terrifying bonnets
Let your imagination flow

Growling clever couplets
With gruesome bloody droplets
There is no style too trite for invention
The dark side of Haiku
A ghost, shrieking boo hoo!
It will shiver and slither and glow

Vampires like free verse
Are they alone in the universe?
The deadline will have no extension
Sharpen your pencils and stakes
See how long it takes
A werewolf will make sure you know

To rhyme or not to rhyme
That’s one question of mine
You’ll answer with little pretention
So roses are red
Zombies are dead
Time to start writing—ready, steady, GO!

Rules of the game:
The contest is open to monstrous poems of all kinds & styles, as long as the subject matter is MONSTERS. The poems will be judged on their merit—writing style and cleverness—length will not be a factor, so Haiku, limericks and other short form poems are as welcome as long form creations. Rhyming schemes, free verse, concrete and other forms are all acceptable entries.

Two ways to enter:
If you are feeling brave, enter with a public post of your poem on the Candy’s Monsters Contest Page. If you are feeling shy, send your submission to with the heading MONSTER POETRY in the subject line.

ONE winner will be announced on October 31. The winner’s poem will be featured on the Candy’s Monsters blog & Facebook page, and the winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift certificate. NYC based monster-loving poets, may opt for a $20 Strand Book store gift certificate instead.