Cat’s Cradle

I like cats! Yes, I even live with one. You can’t say you “own” a cat. If anything, they “own” you. There’s a joke about dogs having masters and cats having staff. So let’s just say, I’m on the staff of Chief Inspector Morse (named for the Colin Dexter detective). I’m in charge of cat toys, cat food, clean kitty litter boxes and other tasks that require opposable thumbs. He provides his own version of feline companionship. It’s a balance of attention and independence — the perfect mix for a writer’s pet.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to write something for the Time Yarns collection entitled “Cat’s Cradle.” I had read another book in the series and enjoyed the mix of genres and writers. I gave myself the challenge of writing about a cat and time travel, without creating a talking cat character. The result of this experiment is a story that hovers between supernatural tale and detective procedural.

Once again I’m writing in territory between genres, but this time I’m swinging on a thread in a Cat’s Cradle.

The entire idea of genres is a dicey one for me. I know it’s necessary for marketing and sales, but I always get caught up in the problem of where I belong. It’s like coloring inside the lines — it makes me want to rebel and scribble outside and maybe all the way to the edges of the paper and beyond! Genres feel like restrictions — urban fantasy, paranormal romance, police procedural, noir detective, cozy, mystery, romantic suspense, historical…. I could definitely imagine a story that could fall into all those categories and maybe even psychological suspense, thriller and horror, too.

That’s how I wound up writing about a cat named after one of the most significant figures in the development of forensic science: Dr. Edmond Locard.

Monsters — creatures of myth and magic — come in all shapes and sizes. Some might even have velvety ears and a fluffy tail.

The ebook is free until January 6, so don’t waste any time. Download it now and tell your cat loving, time-travel fantasy friends, too!

Cat’s Cradle on Amazon


  1. I’m really looking forward to starting Cat’s Cradle tonight. I try to read my books in the order in which I get them but the one I started last night is… kinda badly written, so the silver lining is that I can read Cat’s Cradle now with a guilt free conscience!

    Oh and I’m staff to the masters of the universe too. Thank god the dog is below me on the totem pole. 😉

    • Candy

      Glad you’ll be among the first to read Cat’s Cradle.

      Umm… You’ve got the dog below you on the totem pole. I guess I’m the bottom here. Should I have a revolution?

        • Candy

          Right now, I’d rather focus on being the master of marketing ebooks that fall between genres.

          Bowls of goldfish? Entertainment centers for cats.

  2. Hi, Candy. Thanks for CAT’s CRADLE… Liked the order, got my free book (impressed with reviews), shared on FB, twitter & LinkedIn. I am a cat lover! Loved this post. Bette

    • Candy

      I hope you enjoy “Locard’s Tale.” I almost made it “Locard’s Tail” LOL….

      Thanks for spreading the word. Short fiction collections are a good way to connect with new readers. I’m hoping that many of the Cat-lovers, science fiction fans and fantasy readers drawn to Cat’s Cradle will find their way to my Candy’s Monsters series. As I’m always flying between genres, I hope readers are willing to join me for the ride.

    • Candy

      Yes we all love FREE Kindle books.
      Actually I love up to $3.00 U.S. just as much when I’m purchasing. I figure it’s the price of a small cappuccino or a cup of plain coffee. Of course, I’ve been burned a few times. But then, I’ve been burned by high-priced ebooks — and by more than a few cups of coffee.

  3. I have 3 inside cats and many strays outside. Some call me the “Crazy Cat Woman” and others call me “Gracie’s Mom.” When I saw your book Cat’s Cradle I had to buy a copy from Amazon. Once I read it I will offer a book review on my blog, Amazone and Goodreads.

    Have sent my email address foward to follow this blog.

    • Candy

      I’m glad you plan to review it as reviews are very important to Indie Ebooks. I wrote one of the stories in the collection, “Locard’s Tale.” I hope you enjoy it and the other stories too!