Characters in the Driver’s Seat

It’s one thing to describe a story as ‘character driven’ it’s another when the characters take over and drive the story in an unexpected direction. I’ve heard this from other storytellers, but it still surprises me when my characters reveal themselves to me in actions I didn’t know they would take.

Right now, I feel like I’m playing catch-up as the characters roll through pages and I’m tagging along, just providing the words. It’s fun. It’s scary. And I hope it’s working!

One of the characters is screaming to be put in a precarious situation—something dangerous and reckless—that I have yet to develop. I’m on page 190 now and I know she won’t let me get passed 200 until I know the nature of the stunt she’s going to pull. She really has me wondering what to do.

Or maybe what she’ll tell me….

After all the character is in the driver’s seat. I’m riding shotgun on this one.


  1. -grin- I wish I could think of something suitably western, or at least country. Yeeha? Anyway, I’m so glad they’re cracking the whip over your story. I always wished you’d do something a bit longer. Love the Monsters but they always ended too soon. 🙂

    • Candy Korman

      hehehe… I’ve got longer and shorter in cold storage. We’ll see what I wind up bringing out next.

      As for the characters driving the plot, Ye Haw!