Dog People/Cat People

I know that many people choose to live without a four-legged expert in shedding, but even pet-less people usually fall into the CAT or DOG columns. I like dogs. They are fun—if exhausting—but I LOVE cats and I’m not ashamed to call myself a cat person. The other day I was playing with a friend’s dogs and I kept trying to call them with the fat pigeon imitation that I use to call my cat. Needless to say, it did not work.

In fiction I’ve created cat and dog people, based on observations of people in real life. I’ve also drawn upon observations to create dog & cat characters. The mutt in ‘Bram Stoker’s Summer Sublet’ is based on one of the few dogs I’ve ever walked. He was a shaggy, scraggly, little creature with a distinguished face that landed him some impressive modeling gigs (at the feet of a stylish gentleman in an expensive suit, etc.) and the air of a pure bred pooch without the actual lineage.

Walking that self-consciously cool creature, taught me a great deal about dog people and the most important lesson is that dog people are social. They feel compelled to talk to dogs. Dog people linger, chatting with other dog people on the street, and encouraging canine socializing.

Cat people, like cats, are not as gregarious. We like people. We like cats. We also like to take a quiet walk—no talking, no barking, and no jumping up & down. We like to snuggle while we read.

We even enjoy NOT interacting—just like the cat that now sits a few inches away from me on the sofa. His attention is directed to the fat pigeons outside the window in the courtyard. One is cooing with exuberance and the cat’s ears wiggle with the bird’s tonal changes. He is close to me, but he does not need me to enjoy the pigeon with him. Just being near is enough. A dog would enjoy, expect and encourage more. I’d have to toss a ball, call him by name or roughhouse.

I look at the back of my kitty’s head. I tickle his ears and he purrs. He’s a cat and I’m a cat person.


Walleo is one of two French Bull Dogs that did NOT respond to my pigeon coo.

Walleo is one of two French Bull Dogs that did NOT respond to my pigeon coo.


  1. I’m afraid I’m a swinging voter. When my dog Kushie was alive I was very much a Do-t person because he was such an amazing little person. He’s been gone well over 6 years now but I still miss him.

    A couple of years ago I became a Ca-g person because of Golli, my special needs cat. Despite having suffered some brain damage [after being hit by a car] and being almost completely blind [same accident] he has learned to do almost everything his mother and brother can do. He’s also incredibly loving and I can’t imagine being without him.

    So call me faithless, but there you have it. I’m both a Do-t and a Ca-g, depending on how the wind blows. 🙂

    • Candy Korman

      I will have to figure out the characteristics of the Dog/Cat person and create a character in fiction! I look forward to discovering what makes a dog/cat person tick. Social, but introspective? Affectionate, but able to step back? Um… sounds perfect for a writer!

  2. I go both ways and love cats and dogs equally, though for very different reasons. I love a dog’s devotion and constant companionship, but I also love a cat’s take-me-or-leave me attitude. My cat and dog are also buddies, so that helps. Though Zoey is a cattle dog, so I don’t think she’s playing with Luka per se so much as she is dominating and herding him. In any case, their antics are fun to watch and the cat is very tolerant, almost doglike. I guess he take it considering he weighs almost 20 pounds.

    • Candy Korman

      Herding cats! Your dog is ambitious and your can is indeed tolerant. I had a great deal of fun playing with my friends’ dogs—two adults plus 6 puppies—but I felt relieved to go home to a CAT.

      When I’m working on characters, deep in the background of my thought process, is the DOG/CAT question. Reading your comment has made me wonder about that third category. How would I write a character loving both equally? Something to think about. Thanks!