Dr. Horrible’s Blog Award

Dr. Horrible — sounds pretty MONSTROUS and the image is just this side of completely creepy, but it’s a blog award and I’ve been nominated. As they say, it’s an honor just to be nominated, so….

Today’s post will focus on blogs and the corner of the blog world that I’m carving out for Candy’s Monsters.

Step One:
Thank the nominating committee…
Thank you Meeka of Meeka’s Mind for nominating me and my Candy’s Monsters for the Dr. Horrible. Since we connected on LinkedIn, you have introduced me to a group of wonderful Australian bloggers — tons of fun from the other side of the world. I feel like I’ve walked down a virtual red carpet complete with paparazzi and a well-dressed crowd.

Step Two
Announce the big news at Candy’s Monsters…
The second in my series of ebook novellas inspired by horror classics is about to be published. It’s called “Bram Stoker’s Summer Sublet” and it’s a funny twist on Dracula. As the original was written in journal entries, letters and news clippings, my urban vampire story is written in diary entries, voice mail messages, emails, post-it notes and the rest of the 21st century wordy bits and pieces.

Step Three
Answer the three Dr. Horrible Blog Award mini-interview questions.
a) If you ran the world, what would you outlaw immediately?
Umm… The commercials that run before movies, movie trailers are one thing, but the same car commercials, etc. that you see at home don’t get better on the big screen.
b) Boxers or Briefs?
I’ll have to beg off this one, as my options aren’t on the list. I have lots of panties in pretty colors and styles — ‘nuff said.
c) If I won the Nobel Prize who would I thank?
The chances of me finding myself being considered for any kind of Noble prize is so miniscule as to make me giggle. I guess I’d thank my parents.

Step Four
Nominate three bloggers so they can carry the Dr. Horrible torch on its way.

Connor Rickert of Cities of the Mind
Connor not only reviews books and interviews authors, he reviews blogs! So Connor is a blogger’s blogger!

Metan of Buried Words and Bushwa
She’s one of the Australian bloggers I met through Meeka and her posts on Australian history never fail to amuse and enlighten. She is reigniting the history major that lurks inside this mystery writer.

Lew Blaustein
Lew, like me, is relatively new to blogging. He’s got a GREEN focus that is worthwhile and worth supporting so I want him to see the Dr. Horrible nomination as an inspiration to keep the blog going.

For the next Monster Meditation, I’ll be back in my usual turf of vampires, werewolves, gargoyles and other mysterious, and sometimes horrible, creatures.


    • Candy

      Yes! And I think that many of the issues you bring up on Facebook would be great topics for future blog posts.

  1. Hi Candy, I’m so glad you joined the fun, and pain, of the awards! And hi Lewis! This is directed at you because I just had a look at your site. I love the fact that you are working with a green focus. I’m not a ‘greenie’ per se but I believe that we all have a responsibility to do what we can to start fixing the problems we have created.

    One question though Lewis : I saw the contact button on your website but I couldn’t find any comment buttons on individual articles. I realise your site is a business site but I’m wondering whether you could add the functionality of comments so that your blogs can become ‘discussions’ ? That kind of feedback mechanism would draw more people to your site which might be useful from a marketing perspective.


  2. Metan

    Thank you for the nomination. I love the thought of being awarded this as I am a fan of both Doctor Horrible and his nemesis Captain Hammer 😀

    We must be on a similar wavelength as just before I found out you had nominated me I was finishing tomorrows post that was inspired by yours on coffin corners!

    I will be posting my thanks to you tomorrow as well..hmmmm… what to say.. what to say…..

  3. Candy

    I can’t wait to read you coffin corners commentary…..

    Now, try saying THAT five times, very fast!


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