Gargie Award…

I spent the weekend up to my neck in MONSTERS — actually I was deep into one particular Monster, busy writing the fourth novella in my Candy’s Monsters series. I was so busy writing fiction, that I neglected most of my emails, my freelance work and virtually all the blogs I usually follow.

How could I do this? And what did I miss?


The Gargie Award

Had I known there was a gargoyle waiting for me, I’d have pulled myself from my Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde-ish story, long enough to celebrate. I’m particularly proud of this GARGIE because I’m a great fan of the gargoyles of New York City and have blogged about them many times. New York may not have gargoyles as old as Paris, but we certainly have the best of the 20th century gargoyles — between St. John the Divine and the Chrysler Building.

I refer to the beautiful art deco architectural monsters of the Chrysler Building in the novella-in-progress, which brings us back full circle to my weekend of writing, missing Jeri Walker-Bickett’s post and now finding myself in a gargoyle mood.

Thank you Jeri for nominating me and thank you Jon for inventing this award! I’d like to thank my far-flung group of followers and ask that they celebrate this GARGIE by spreading the word about all kinds of MONSTERS, checking out Jeri’s blog (what do I know) and by looking up to see who/what is lurking high up on a building! And, as Jon Jefferson is the blogger behind the award and frequent commenter on Candy’s Monsters, I’m going to post three short chapters of my serialized mystery on Friday instead of two!

I’m also passing the Gargie Torch to A.C. Flory of Meeka’s Mind. I hope she’ll share the Gargie fun with her own science fiction creatures.


  1. What a PERFECT award for you Candy! I love gargoyles too, and this little critter is wonderful. I shall crank up the brain cells to do justice to this nomination. 🙂

    • Candy

      The Gargie doesn’t require you to reveal a bunch of personal things — it just asks that you thank your blog followers and invite them to follow other Gargie folks. Remember to check out Jeri’s blog. It’s very creative.


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