Halloween Countdown!

Yes, I’ll admit it. I like Halloween. I’ve always liked it. Costumes, scary movies, shopping bags filled with candy, silly parties — what’s not to like? Last year Halloween in New York City was a casualty of Hurricane Sandy. The annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade and the New York City Marathon simply had to be canceled. At the time, those cancellations were the least of my worries, as I live in the part of the city left without power (no lights, heat or hot water) for five days. But now, I’ve got a residual yen for a particularly Happy Halloween. Last year’s candy is long gone, but my desire to celebrate has doubled.

What to do? Here’s my checklist:

Find a good party. Decide on a costume. Buy some candy. And spread the Halloween happiness!

I’ve started the last one already with Halloween queries on my Candy’s Monsters Facebook page. Through Halloween, I’ll be asking about your best, worst, scariest, silliest and most monstrous Halloween stories and memories. I’ve already started with candy (of course). So visit, comment & LIKE the Candy’s Monsters Facebook page!

Candy’s Monsters Facebook Page

More MONSTROUS FUN is on the calendar!


  1. I’m kind of bummed because I’ll be out of the country for most of what my friends and I jokingly call the “High Holy Month” of October. Normally I do some serious Halloween decorating on October 1st, but this year… It’s just not going to happen. Sigh.

    So I’m glad to have the chance for some virtual Halloween fun!

    • Candy

      It’s funny how much I miss Halloween when I’ve traveled this time of the year and the Hurricane was a MONSTER that wiped all traces of Halloween out of the city last year. Very sad. I remember sitting on election day, still a bit shell shocked but happy to have heat and hot water, eating the candy I’d bought before the storm hit.

      Be sure to check out the Candy’s Monsters Facebook page. So far, I’ve gotten fun responses to the favorite candy question. People get very nostalgic about these choices. We may grow more sophisticated and come around to fancy, single source, extra dark chocolate, but there is still something about a tootsie roll on October 31 that simply feels right!

  2. Fall is my favorite season. Along with that would come Halloween. As a kid it is the start that takes you into the larger holiday season of thanksgiving and Christmas. Which means time off from school, candy, and presents, and time off from school.

    • Candy

      Yes, yes, yes… I’m always surprised when people don’t like this time of the year. I’m sure that part of it comes down to where you live. But New York is at its most exciting (for tourists) between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, but for locals I think the peak is late September through Thanksgiving. The weather is variable, but… it’s still not super cold and the farmer’s markets are filled with great produce from the region. The theater season picks up and there’s a general BUZZ in the air.

      Add the excitement of MONSTERS, candy, costumes, parties… It’s just a ton of fun in the fall.

    • Candy

      What a great time for a birthday. Mine is in mid January (dull and full of holiday bills) but I loved Halloween so much as a child that I had costume birthday parties for years. I’m sure that some of my friends thought I was crazy but… Oh, well..

  3. My birthday falls on Saturday the 26th this year, so it’s a given all sorts of Halloween shenanigans are going to be taking place. I can’t remember the last time I dressed up, but I always like to look at costumes and daydream.

    • Candy

      I know anyone with a birthday near Christmas gets “combination” presents and sometimes grows up resentful, but Halloween shenanigans and extra candy never hurt a birthday celebration, did it?

  4. Hello fellow Capricorn? I love the change into Autumn when maybe a little frost has formed in the morning. But we don’t get your Halloween here, or I should say we don’t celebrate it. Our main celebration is Guy Fawkes day on Nov 5th. That’s when potatoes are baked round the edge of the bonfire and the typical treats are parkin ( a type of cake) and treacle toffee. Fireworks adorn the evening sky that day too and it becomes quite magical despite really commemorating something awful. Once that’s over we have the run in to Christmas which I really take seriously with my shopping.
    XXX Huge Hugs XXX

    • Candy

      I’ve traveled to England in summer, winter, spring and late fall, but never managed to be there for Guy Fawkes Day. Seems like something I should do!

  5. Enjoy! Halloween is starting to gain traction here in Australia but it’s still very low key in comparison to the States. I know you don’t like photos but maybe one or two with a mask on? lol

    • Candy

      So far, my costume wearing plans are for a Dia de los Muertos Tango party. There will likely be photos, but I avoid masks. Through my years of costume parties I’ve made a great many mistakes (and learned from them). Anything that is uncomfortable — like a mask — doesn’t last for long. LOL… Now that I’m thinking about it, I should do a blog post about my BAD Halloween choices!