Hands Off that Monster!

I finished the first draft of the third MONSTER — my Edgar Allan Poe inspired novella — on July 31. I have to stay away from the manuscript long enough to get a little “distance” before starting the second draft. This is not as easy as it sounds. I want to dive back in and start reworking it. I want to do it right now, but….

Time is important. Waiting is a critical step and I can’t skip it. I can skimp on it — reduce it to a minimum interval between drafts — but I can’t skip it entirely. I have to walk away for a bit.

Hands off that Monster! (Or should I say, keep those PAWS off?)

So what am I doing to fill the time? Writing, of course, just not the Poe novella. I wrote a short story about haunted McMansions. I’m fixing the problems in another short story that’s almost there, but not quite. And there’s my freelance work, too. Write, write, write — just as long as it’s not the Poe book.

This waiting game is also giving me some time to contemplate ideas for Monster number four. Should I delve into Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” or see where H. P. Lovecraft leads me? Both are already on my Kindle.

While I’m keeping my hands off my Poe book, it’s time to explore more Monstrous turf. Suggestions anyone?


  1. Metan

    Lovecraft certainly gives you the chance to let your imagine run wild… *tentacles creeping*
    I read Bram last week and really enjoyed it. (I loved the different names for the dog at every turn.) I will be looking forward to see what you might do with Jekyll and Hyde as well!

    • Candy

      Those are the two big contenders right now. I’m wondering if Lovecraft right after Poe might be too much — in terms of language.

      Glad you liked the dog names! They were fun to write.

  2. I’d love to see what you do with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde! I suspect though that your subconscious will prod you in the direction it wants you to go and really, there is no arguing with the subconscious – it has such nasty ways of punishing you when you don’t listen.;)

  3. You’re absolutely correct: resist all urges to clean up that first draft right now. It’s amazing how the mistakes take time to show up. It’s like growing bacteria in a petri dish – check it too soon and you won’t see anything. But the longer you let it sit…Oh my!

    • Candy

      The perfect analogy! Typos, mis-steps, incomplete sentences…. none of it shows up immediately but how it grows and shows later on!

      • Oh hell yeah 🙁 So many edits, so much care and yet… there they are. I find converting my story to kindle format and reading on the kindle shines a spotlight on all those pimples but still, time is still the best typo hunter.

        • Candy

          It’s true — sad but true. Objectivity comes with time and then those typos come to light.
          Having an outsider hunt is really important — more than one! But still, some of them sneak by.


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