Holiday Reading

What are my plans for the holidays? Dining with friends, seeing ‘hot new’ movies, going out dancing, visiting museums, baking cookies, and—reading! Leisure reading is part of my everyday life, but during vacations and through the holidays, it gets a bigger share of my spare time and, sometimes, takes precedence over other typical activities. Given the choice between a good book and an OK movie (play, museum exhibit, shoe sale, etc.) I’m likely to choose the book. It’s just the way I roll.

In the time between Christmas and New Years, I plan to finish reading the last episode in A.C. Flory’s new science fiction saga INNERSPACE. Like the best of classic science fiction, A.C. Flory has followed the logical extensions of current technology trends in her story about virtual reality, industrial espionage, mortality, inequality of access to opportunity, and more, to create an incredible—and believable—future. I want to kick back and relax for the conclusion of her characters’ adventure.

I also plan to start reading the first book in the WITCHES OF DOYLE series by Kirsten Weiss. This summer I loved her paranormal mystery THE MANNEQUIN OFFENSIVE so I’m looking forward to her newest series.

What else will I read? Um… I should finally finish the new Paul Coelho novel about Marta Hari (THE SPY) and check out some of the books I’ve purchased on impulse in the last month or so. I may even download some travel books in anticipation of 2017 trips and treat myself to a few new mysteries just for fun.

But the holidays are about giving, so it’s also time to share the LOVE and the BOOKS. I plan to give indie, classic, and new author books to my friends. It’s easy; it’s not expensive; and the right book is the perfect present.

May all our Kindles (iPads, etc.) be fat with new downloads to ensure that we all have a great holiday season.

One of the famous NYC lions outside the 42nd Street branch of the Public Library.

One of the famous NYC lions outside the 42nd Street branch of the Public Library.


  1. -blush- Thank you. Now that my unplanned rewrite is finished, I plan to be fearless again. 😀 Oh and I’ll have to do some housework at some point. Plus Christmas shopping, wrapping, baking and maybe even a bit of play.

    Just because I can’t help myself…what kind of cookies??

    • Candy Korman

      Cookies!!! Not sure. I just found out that I have jury duty starting January 3, so there may be too much to do between now and then to allow for a day (or two) in the kitchen. I usually try to do a mix of rolled and dropped cookies. I like to roll/cut & decorate simple sugar cookies or a spice cookie. But the drop cookies are both easier to bake and lovely to eat & share. The best are the chocolate chunk cookies with really good dark chocolate and lots of nuts or classic peanut butter cookies. um… I think I’ll make some time for this. Gotta make the shopping list. It starts with BUTTER and sugar in large quantities.