Mad Scientist Experiment

I’m emerging from the lab, hair standing straight up in the air like Elsa Lancaster as “The Bride of Frankenstein” and badly in need of an extra large coffee. What have I created? A MONSTER! But this monster is not quite complete, it’s an original and untested manuscript, and I need a consult with fellow mad scientist writers and lab assistant readers.

My plan is to begin serializing a mystery novella entitled “Waltzing in the Snow.” I’ll post a short chapter of this mystery on seventeen consecutive Fridays — beginning a week from today. Each chapter contains at least one clue to the mystery’s solution.

All the chapters have been written, but this is still basically a first draft. I’m sure it’s riddled with annoying typos and an occasional spelling error, but I’m not asking for freebee copy-editing from my blog followers. I’m hoping that blog readers will enjoy the story and perhaps give me feedback that will help me write an improved second draft.

You see, I’ve written two endings and that’s one ending too many.

I need to make a choice. The seventeenth post will include two alternative endings to “Waltzing in the Snow.” It’s not that I have two different solutions to the crimes involved in the story. This isn’t like the musical version of Dicken’s unfinished “Edwin Drood” where the audience votes on the identity of the killer. Unlike the master of serialized fiction, I’ve written a clear line to the conclusion of the mystery. It’s the coda chapter about the characters that’s become a problem. I’m honestly not sure which ending is more satisfying for the readers.

So join me in this mad scientist style experiment, one chapter at a time, starting next week!


  1. Nooooo! I thought you were starting it /this/ week. 🙁 I’m dying to see how you’ve done this, plus I’m intrigued by the ‘clues’. Do we get a prize if we can work it out before you do the big reveal? lol Only kidding.

    As you’re insisting on delayed gratification, you should start a count down on Twitter.

    Roll on next Friday. 😀

    • Candy

      Next week….
      Yes, I’ll be promoting it on Twitter & Facebook.
      “Waltzing in the Snow” starts here in one week! I also have to warn MONSTER fans that this is a mystery. The monsters are the human variety.

    • Candy

      And because the old posts remain on the blog, people who come in at the middle of the serialization, will be able to catch up! Spread the word…

    • Candy

      Me too!
      I just want a week to promote the concept. If you know anyone who might enjoy the mad experiment, please send them the link to follow Candy’s Monsters.

      Thank you for your continued support.

    • Candy

      So glad! I’m happily drumming up some excitement and hope that the story gets a following.

      Waltzing in the Snow — starting soon on Candy’s Monsters!