Mad Scientist Update

Even mad scientists have paperwork! My mad scientist experiment in serialized fiction began on Friday — and will continue for 16 more Fridays. Right now, I’m most concerned with getting people to read the first few chapters and click FOLLOW on this blog.

This is a scary business for me.

I’d rather be writing. All writers say that and I think it’s true for most of us. Writing all the time is just not possible. Promotion, marketing, networking, etc. all take time and are all necessary tasks. So, please help spread the word about “Waltzing in the Snow.”

I’m taking a couple of enormous risks with this experiment. One, it’s a first draft so readers are invited to sneak a peak behind the curtain of my writing process. That’s pretty uncomfortable for me. Two, I’ve written two alternative endings and I will ask the readers for their choice before beginning my second draft.

Wow! Could anything be scarier for a writer?

By nature, fiction writers are “control freaks” creating the universe in which our stories exist and moving the characters through our creations. By serializing “Waltzing in the Snow” in an unfinished form, I’m welcoming critics very early in the game. It’s like writing: COME ON OVER & BITE ME on the welcome mat when a vampire lives next door.

Am I being overly dramatic? Probably, but with mad scientists you never know when lightning will hit the roof and blow the lab to smithereens.


    • Candy

      I am definitely OUTSIDE my comfort zone. But I think it’s important to “travel” there periodically, so…

      I hope the reception to Waltzing in the Snow is good and that the typos and imperfections inherent in a first draft aren’t too distracting.

  1. Your first drafts are better than many ‘finished products’ out there so don’t stress over that! Chapter 1 was great and the rest will be great as well. 🙂