My First Author Interview!

I’m blushing as I post this! It’s the link for my very first author interview. Check it out, post a comment, send me feedback — all that good stuff.

Connor’s ‘Cities of the Mind’ blog is a great indie resource, with writer interviews, reviews of new books and fascinating musings from a freelance writer’s point-of-view.


  1. Just read the interview and left a comment at the end of it but wanted to congratulate you here as well. The interview reads really well and I must admit that I learned quite a bit from it – especially on the promotional side. And your comments about your Mum were a scream 😀 I wish I wrote mysteries because she sounds like a resource I’d love to ‘borrow’!

    Wish there was an official victory sign for indie authors. Guess I’ll just have to make do with ‘V’.

    • Candy

      Glad you enjoyed the interview. It’s funny but the friend I’ve lined up as you possible Science Fiction reader/maven is to Science Fiction what my mom is to mysteries so… we’re golden!
      Keep writing!