My Liebster Award

The ever-generous and helpful JeriWB of the “What do I Know?” blog has nominated me for Liebster Blog Award!

Liebster Award from Adrienne

Go Monsters Go!

Thank you Jeri! I have done my best to answer your questions and follow all the requirements as a nominee — including selecting my own list of nominees (see later in the post). For new bloggers the sometimes painful slow growth of a blog can be frustrating. The Liebster is a strategy that introduces blogs with less than 1000 followers to a potential audience of new followers. I urge all my followers to follow Jeri’s blog and to check out the bloggers I’ve nominated, too.

My Liebster Blog Award Questions (Posed by JeriWB)

1: Who has been the most positive influence in your life? I learned from my parents that it was possible to disagree while still loving and respecting the other person — that’s been a huge influence on how I live my life.

2: What was your most memorable Halloween costume? So many to choose from, but I liked Ophelia post-drowning, with leaves in my hair, black lipstick and corpselike make-up.

3: When do you write best? Mornings, afternoons, evenings? That bounces around, but most often I’d say afternoons — with coffee!

4: Where did you go on your favorite vacation? My favorite vacation was the three weeks I spent in Berlin a few years ago. I was there long enough to settle in and write as well as be an art-loving, Tango-dancing, tourist and hang out with friends.

5: Why is reality TV so popular? Beats me. The only reality shows I like are the cooking contests. I watch Chopped and try to figure out what I’d make when faced with a basket of ingredients more challenging than my own pantry.

6: How do you relax? Relax? What does that mean?

7: Which work of art most inspires you? I’m always inspired by art. Right now, it’s a painting by Magritte on exhibit at MoMA. It’s called “Attempting the Impossible” and I’ve never seen in before — not even in a book — as it belongs to a museum in Japan. The postcard is on my desk.

8: Could you live without electricity? Not for long. The five days of “powerlessness” during the big hurricane last October was more than enough to convince me I’m not a pioneer girl.

9: Are you afraid of the dark? Not now, but I was as a child.

10: Can you honestly say you’ve never stolen anything? I was mortified when I walked off with a pen by mistake, so no.

11: What song lyrics strike you as hauntingly beautiful? Too many to choose from, but Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love” is right up there.


 Random Liebster Facts about Candy

1: I get laryngitis at least twice a year.

2: I’m saving my middle name for a future nom de plume.

3: The first Agatha Christie I read was “Death Comes as the End.”

4: My family traveled to Lapland during reindeer molting season.

5: I have a cat named after a character from a series of British detective novels. (Morse from Colin Dexter’s books)

6: I started “urban composting” this past summer.

7: I was an NBC Page.

8: My list of places I want to visit grows each time I travel.

9: I have a lot of Tango shoes.

10: I’m a theater geek.

11: My relationship with technology is a rocky romance.

My Nominees for the Liebster Award Are… (drumroll) …

Green Sports Blog

Cities of the Mind

Meeka’s Mind

Buried Words and Bushwa

Misadventures in Strange Place

The Liebster Rules…( for my nominees)

1: Write a blog post about the Liebster Award.

2: Thank the person that nominated you.

3: Post a link to their blog on your blog.

4: Display the award on your blog and include it in your post and/or display it using a widget.

5: Answer the 11 questions about yourself provided by the person who nominated you.

6: Give 11 random facts about yourself.

7: Nominate 5-11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have less than 1000 followers.

8: Create a new list of questions for the nominated bloggers to answer.

9: List the rules in your post.

10: Inform the bloggers you’ve nominated them for the Liebster Award. Remember to give them a link to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!).

Note that you can nominate someone who has been given the Liebster Award already, as long as they have less than 1000 followers/subscribers.

Questions for my Liebster Nominees…

1: Do you dance?

2: If you could go back in time and talk to yourself, when would you “drop by” and give sage advice?

3: What book do you remember from your childhood?

4: With an unlimited budget and a month to spend on a vacation, where would you go?

5: What was your dream job when you were eight?

6: Captain Kirk or Captain Picard?

7: What’s your preferred fiction genre?

8: What was the best birthday present you ever received?

9: What is your most memorable Halloween costume?

10: What’s your favorite city?

11: Are you an adventurous eater?










    • Candy

      Enjoy the oddball list of questions and check out the other bloggers. I went far & wide in my nominees.

  1. I’m all about Picard 🙂 Make it so! It’s great to see you taking up the award and passing it on. I always wanted to dance, but seem to have been born with two left feet.

    • Candy

      I’m in the Picard camp too.
      I love to dance, so I slipped it into the questions for my nominees. I know what one of the bloggers will say because he was my first Tango partner. LOL… We’ll see if the others have two left feet or closets full of dance shoes.


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