On The Trail of Bigfoot — For REAL

I almost skipped the travel section of today’s New York Times. As I’m planning a ‘stay-cation’ in my hometown this summer — with afternoons on the roof of my building with my computer, visits to my favorite local museums, theater tickets (both ON and OFF Broadway) and the many cheap and cheerful summer events in the city — reading about spending a weekend in Melbourne or where to eat in Pueblo, Mexico or how to choose a brewery in Bend, Oregon is a small torture.

But I’m glad I didn’t skip that section of the paper because there was an article about hunting for BIGFOOT, complete with night vision glasses and a tour guide devoted to the trail. There was even a sidebar story with a Day Tour through the Loch Ness, U.F.O. Sky Watches and a Ghost Hunt visit to New Jersey!


I’m so glad that I’m a Sunday newspaper reader!


  1. lol – you and my friend Metan would make a great team. Metan is another aussie blogger but her fascination is with history and she scours old newspapers [literally old old newspapers on microfiche] for interesting bits and pieces about the past.

    I can’t remember the last time I read a real, honest to god newspaper. I’m a news watcher on tv which is kind of weird as in everything else I prefer to read about something rather than to watch it. Anyway, this article was worth reading 😀

    • Candy

      I always find something to write about when read a newspaper — especially when I just turn the pages and stumble on something odd!

    • Candy

      Yes it is! It’s funny but some people read the Real Estate section for daydream material, for me it’s the Travel Section.