My late father wrote his memoir a few years ago. IN MY FATHER’S BAKERY — A Bronx Memoir, is a love letter to the extended family and to a time and place — the 1930s and 40s in New York City— long gone.

I simply cannot be objective —this is my dad, my grandparents and a host of other wacky family characters. I met some of them as a child and others are legendary figures from family lore. For me, every page evokes the aromas of the family bakery and echoes with my father’s voice. Baseball, bookies, boxing, Hank Greenberg, the Bronx and Jewish rye are all front and center in this romantic look at a bygone era.

At the time of its publication, he received some glowing reviews, was featured at a local Barnes and Nobles and even went on tour, visiting library-based reading groups in Florida. It’s now available in ebook format on Amazon.