Raining, Raining, Raining…

Unremitting rain, endless days of subzero temperatures, heat wave days and tropical nights, hurricanes, thunderstorms, blizzards and tornadoes—weather, especially sustained over periods of days—provides an evocative backdrop for storytelling. It’s almost too easy—almost…

After three days of 90plus (32 centigrade) the temperature dropped, but the humidity rose. The modest 77 degrees hung over the city like a damp blanket of misery. Even when storms erupted, with sudden downpours and rain in sheets, the air remained soggy and almost solid. I went about my business rain or no rain, but kept thinking about the NOIR-ish aspects of the raining, raining, raining backdrop. The weather, even with its enervating intensity, was begging for a story full of gloom and sullen faces.

The next day—when the sun reappeared and the sky was a perfect blue and the air was as hot and dry as an oven—it was time for another kind of story. There was optimism in the weather.

I plan to revisit this weather/mood connection during the dark, long nights of winter. I want to see what kind of story is demanded by the frigid air. In the meantime, it’s summer and NYC waxes back and forth between HOT & WET and Hot & Dry, each with its own story moods.

What does your weather say to you about writing a story?


  1. Hmm…I find it very hard to write when it’s hot and muggy, or even just plain hot, but I haven’t noticed the weather influencing /what/ I write. Actually, now I come to think of it, unless the weather has a direct bearing on the plot, it’s not something I tend to write about. Interesting.

    • Candy Korman

      The weather infiltrates the mood!
      It’s a beautiful night. We’ll see what I write? Will it be inspired by the warm, dry air and the puffy clouds.