Reading Adventures

I’m posting this and then getting on a plane!

Reading is a big part of my vacation experience. On my final pre-Kindle trip I visited Berlin and ran through my entire stack of paperback mysteries BEFORE it was time to head home. I went to the English language section of a big discount bookstore and purchased a mystery with a historical setting. I remember reading the first few chapters in my bed in a crazy, little, hotel on Hermann Platz. I forced myself not to read too many pages because I wanted to make sure I had most of the book for the airport wait & plane trip home.

The next summer I had my first Kindle. I didn’t have anywhere near as many books on it as I do now, but the collection was sufficient to keep me reading on planes and trains and through jet-lagged nights.

Now it’s time to give a little thought to the mix of books I will bring for today’s trip. There’s a wide range of genres, styles, authors, and more. The mix includes: a few recent reissues of old mysteries by P.D. James, Ruth Rendell, Agatha Christie, and other mystery maestros; a bunch of new mysteries; a couple of short story collections; a dash of horror; a bunch of novels in historical settings; a couple of history books; some biographies; one guidebook; a few non-fiction books (one is about witches and may be good for research); and some classic & current literature.

Will I read it all? Of course not!

But having a big library will guarantee that I won’t have to find the English language section of a bookstore in Argentina. Not that I’d have to do that anymore. If I get a yen for a particular book I can download it while I’m there.

Travel & Reading for fun!

Coffee at a cafe…


and an overstuffed Kindle library…


  1. lol – I can so relate to that slight panic at the thought of not having anything to read! Like you, my Kindle is my security blanket.
    Bon Voyage and happy reading. 🙂