Real Life Heroes

Some MONSTER stories hinge on a hero. In others, the monster — flawed, toothy, furry or ugly — harbors the heart and soul of a hero. But there are heroic people in real life. People who simply manage to do more good than the vast majority, while facing Herculean challenges that would turn the rest of us into basket cases.

In my freelance writing life I occasionally meet (more often than not in a virtual setting) people who jump huge hurdles that put my piddling problems into perspective. I recently interviewed Michael Conway for the Tourette Syndrome Association’s newsletter. He’s a remarkable guy who has overcome the kind of medical obstacles that happen in made-for-TV movies.

Michael is now bidding for a spot in the Kona Ironman competition. It’s a big deal and he’s got a video campaign. Check it out. Vote for Michael. Send him to Kona. He certainly deserves a chance to take on yet another challenge. The voting period goes through June 27 and you can vote every day. Here’s the link:

Michael’s KONA Ironman Video Link

This is a big departure from my usual MONSTER MEDITATIONS, but I think Michael’s story is worth sharing. I’ll be back to werewolves, gargoyles, ghosts, vampires and the rest of my monstrous crew in my next post.


    • Candy

      Thanks. This round of voting goes through June 27. I’m not sure what happens next, but I’m trying to help him get through this round.