Rum Punch for Monsters

My monster meditation on the subject of holidays for monsters has led to a story. It’s not done, yet. I’m about half way through the first draft, but I’m stymied. I haven’t come up with the name of the signature drink served nightly at sunset at the bar on the beach. It’s a rum punch with citrus fruit, ginger simple syrup and an edible origami frog (made of sweetened rice paper) instead of the clichéd little parasol.

I’m not usually one for crowd sourcing, but I’ve decided to ask the Candy’s Monsters Facebook fans and blog followers to come up with some suggestions. Any thoughts? This is a great drink, a memorable concoction that’s hard to resist. Only a monster on a blood-only diet would pass on a tall, cold glass.

On the surface this island is a paradise for wealthy tourists. The hotel is small, but luxurious and many of the bar’s other patrons come from their yachts for a sunset drink, followed by dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

Of course there’s one regular at the bar one might consider to be a bit ‘different.’ He’s a pale fellow and he’s very fond of midnight strolls on the beach. The locals call his house on the hill The Hurricane Castle, but only a few of them have set foot inside the ominous front door. This mysterious man is not the only person on the island with a secret and that’s where the story begins.

So… ideas for naming the rum punch? Please chime in, so the characters in the monster story can drink up!


  1. Bill Dowling

    Here are my suggestions, though I would have a better idea after sampling said beverage: the Transformation, the Elixer, the Experiment, the Potion, the Behemoth, the Ichor, or the Tooth and Claw.

    • Candy

      You may have a second career naming drinks! I love the Elixer and will look it up to make sure it doesn’t already exist. Looking forward to seeing if anyone else likes it too.

        • Candy

          Yes, I noted the spelling and have decided to name the drink: The Tree Frog Elixir and to call the bar itself The Tree Frog. It was fun getting input on the names.

  2. Metan

    I am going to be thinking of (bad) names for that fruity frog pond all day! I do like Elixer.

      • Metan

        I kept trying to think of a frogs name that would be good as drink name as well but I couldn’t get my favourite frog name out of my head, Pobblebonk. Probably not the kind of name effect you were looking for!
        Then I started thinking about those horrid Cane toads we have up north, their name is Bufo Marinus and Marinus means ‘of the sea’. So, Marinus?

        • Candy

          Interesting… Marinus…. Bufo Marinus sounds like a name of a person.
          Umm… I was also looking for a name of a person… You definitely have me thinking with this one.

          • Candy

            Names can be difficult. You want them to evoke something about the character, but still be credible.
            I used to thumb through an old rolodex from my corporate days and scramble names, but who has a rolodex anymore?

  3. Tree frogs are a brilliant, vivid green with red eyes and toes so The Tree Frog would not insult the loyal patrons of a tropical beach bar and could evoke exotic creatures. Still my mind went to the “catchy” names that many bars use, and I thought of “Laid to Rest” or “Rum of the Ancients.”

    • Candy

      I love the Tree Frog! I think I’d even order a ‘Tree Frog’ that is if I didn’t get entirely too drunk entirely too quickly on any sugary cocktail. I LIKE it! I might even call the Bar — the Tree Frog…