Still Broken…

10 Things I’ve Learned in a Splint & Sling


One, it is possible to open a twist-off capped soda bottle with one hand and TWO feet.

Two, gravity gets Greek yogurt out of the tub and into the bowl.

Live long and prosper… I can move my fingers so real writing is coming soon.


Three, local tailors are more than willing to help me create an asymmetrical fall look with one full sleeved and one sleeveless side.

Four, narcotic pain killers should come with a side of figs.

Five, although I can make coffee with one hand anything more complicated than boiling eggs is out of the question. I miss cooking!

What else will I learn? How will it impact my fiction?


Six, defensive walking is a real and necessary skill set in NYC.

Seven, my curly hair specialist salon will ‘cleanse & style’ for $50. It is worth it.

Eight, regardless of mood or weather, I must get OUTSIDE every day.

Nine, provided I remain calm and methodical, I can get dressed with one hand without working up a sweat.

Ten, I have many kind, caring & generous friends!


This was typed with one hand, please forgive typos…


But lots and lots of typos in my immediate future…


  1. I am SO glad you’re on the path to a full recovery, even if the path is kinda rocky at the moment. 🙂
    I sometimes get a bit of arthritis [?] in my thumb so I can empathise with how hard it is to do anything one-handed. Have the doctors given you a timeline for recovery? Will you need some kind of physio?

    • Candy Korman

      I will know more about the timeline later today. Going to the doctor for the post-op appointment!

  2. I feel for you so much! Necessity is the mother of invention for sure. I read about one woman who got a double mastectomy who had few people to help her, so she worked out a lot before surgery so she could lift herself upright using her core, and she also prepped weeks’ worth of food (as in cooked chicken and chopped veggies to boil). I hope the post-op appointment went well.

    • Candy Korman

      Everything I thought was disturbing… bruising, swelling, heat, etc. was described as “beautiful” by the medical professionals. Even the Frankenstein style stitches on the long incision were met with praise. Stitches are out and I’m on to the next phase with a snazzy new REMOVABLE splint. Taking pleasure in small things like washing both hands! While still dealing with pain and starting what even the pros describe as extremely painful PT. What’s next? Typing with both hands? We’ll see…

      Necessity continues to inspire invention…