Super Moons and Monsters

Tonight the moon will be at perigee — the point in its orbit when it is closest to the earth — so the full moon will be a SUPERMOON. I’m looking forward to a big, beautiful full moon in the sky. I’m also wondering about what such a moon inspires.

Does it really make us crazy?

I’ve read mixed reports on the power of the moon. There are anecdotal stories about upsurges in crime and emergency room visits, but the hard data is difficult to come by.

Or course all of that could be put down to werewolf activity — provided your personal werewolf mythology adheres to the traditional moon cycle theories. There are new interpretations of the wolf/human creatures with less Lon Chaney/gypsy curse and more mystical takes on the tales of sprouting tails.

Still a full moon is romantic and maybe that is enough to make us crazy?

Early this morning the birds were a little crazy in the courtyard outside my window. That, in turn, got the cat going. I started to contemplate a Daphne du Maurier/Hitchock avian collective consciousness, but decided to roll over and put that out of my mind. I want to enjoy the super moon — not hide from it.


  1. My local vet commented on how the day before a full moon she had to treat 4 cases of dogs being bitten. They included my little midget of a dog who, I think, came off second best in a confrontation with a feral cat or possibly a possum. Coincidence? Most likely, yet such old patterns have a way of hiding some primitive truth. Whatever that truth may be there is something awe inspiring about one of those huge moons, awe inspiring and just a little scary.

    • Candy

      A local vet with a sudden rash of dog ‘violence’…. umm, Moon or not, sounds like the start of a story.


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