Taking a Long Walk

Taking a long walk in a strange—or at least unfamiliar—city is a wonderful way to “discover” stories. I think I recognize a person coming toward me in the distance, but it’s just a general outline or a similar walk. Not the person I know at all. But a cascade of thoughts about that person is sparked and I recall a story. Perhaps it’s worth telling?

The sign in a store window is intriguing. It seems to reach out to me. It’s in Dutch, but I seem to understand it. There’s a story behind each door. A fat orange cat stares out at me, and then another one in another window, and another one crosses a quiet back street, and another one peaks out from underneath a café chair. Is the fat orange cat following me around Amsterdam or is there a fat, orange, feline network connected via a Dutch feline telepathy?

There’s a story THERE… maybe not one I’m prepared to write about our feline overlords. My trip is nearly over. Time to go home and get back to the novel-in-progress and see my grey, tiger cat.




  1. I envy your trip to the Netherlands. I definitely hope to go back there someday. My two nights and three days was not enough by any means. I’ve some great Amsterdam cat photos as well. One particular fat cat was lounging on a scooter for quite some time when I was sitting on a bench to rest my feet. It was apparent it must be the owner’s bike because that cat seemed very comfy and at ease.

    • Candy Korman

      I adore The Netherlands! With friends in Nijmegen and a true comfort level in Amsterdam, I know I’ll be back many times more. Yes, next time you have an opportunity to go there GRAB IT!

      The cats may have been in the midst of overthrowing the rule of humanity, but bikes have already taken Amsterdam. I had two near misses with bikes just trying to cross streets. It’s a two-wheeled jungle out there.

  2. You really should tell the story about our feline overlords just so people are warned that the take over is in progress and that soon we will be nothing more than servants to this race of superiors, or are they?
    xxx Huge Hugs Candy xxx

    • Candy Korman

      The takeover is definitely in progress. Silly CAT videos are so common they have their own film festival!

      I’m pretty sure that my cat is not among the leadership, but that fat orange cat… He’s a general, at the very least.

  3. lol – I’m with David – you should write about our Cat masters, maybe after you find out why there are so many orange cats in the Netherlands! Is it some kind of special genetic survival trait? Are the Dutch, perhaps, enamoured of orange cats? Tell it! Tell it now. 😀

    • Candy Korman

      Orange is their national color! The House of Orange is the royal family and it’s all orange when it comes to World Cup Football and the rest. So the cats, um… maybe they are connected to royalty. Now, that’s a peculiar idea for a story!