THE END is Nigh

I’ve hit page 300 in the first draft of the novel-in-progress. There are only a couple of things that have to happen before THE END and I’m feeling just a tiny bit nauseous and very distressed. This draft has kept me company since the end of March. I glanced away from it for a few weeks over the summer and again for two weeks in the fall, but we’ve been constant companions and I’m fearful of what will happen when I actually get to the end of the story.

The protagonist has to discover the answer to two more questions. She’s already learned two unexpected truths and experienced doubts about some of her most trusted friends. I’ve got her where she needs to be for a bang-up conclusion and yet…

Now, I’m the one full of doubt.

Have I taken too long to get to this point?

Have her choices been credible?

Did I leave enough breadcrumbs for an astute reader to follow?

Are the red herrings misleading or just annoying?


And most of all—What will I write when I finish this draft?


I will have to put is aside before I read it, rework it and, possibly, move on to another draft (or two, or more). But when I type THE END on this draft, I’ll have to focus on something else and what will that be?


My writing partner—hard at work.

My writing partner—hard at work.



    • Candy Korman

      You are absolutely correct.
      Between the time I drafted this post and when I actually put it on my blog, I finished and typed THE END. I’m still shaking. The resting period will begin and I will have to distract myself so I gain the objectivity I’ll need for draft 2.

      Happy & Healthy 2016!