The MONSTERS are Back!

Monstrous sized thanks to my team of technical wizards for restoring Candy’s Monsters to life. Their efforts were nothing short of Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s lightning bolt with my site on the table. P & G you are magical!

I will be back to my regular twice weekly monster meditations starting tomorrow (aka Monday) with the official, if belated, announcement of the winner of the Working Werewolf Contest.


  1. I’m so glad you’re back but…what happened? Have I missed that post/tweet? I know you were hacked but by whom, or what? And why? And how? And how did you find out?

    Gah, sorry. The whole thing is scary. I’m glad I don’t have my site up any more. 🙁

    • Candy Korman

      I don’t think I’ll ever know who was behind the hack, but it certainly felt like a virtual invasion of the body snatchers. Someone got to my site via the admin log-in and now I’m scrambling to update passwords, while my web experts take the “malicious” files off the site and rebuild it from the back up files. The feeling of vulnerability is terrible. Once we have Candy’s Monsters up and running they will address the same issues with SweetCopy. It’s a bit of a set back for me and it put the timetable for adapting Candy’s Monsters for mobile users back a bunch of months. If I didn’t love blogging so much, I’d want to go back to the 1990s.