The MONSTERS are Back!

It took a stellar team of supernatural tech gremlins, but the Monsters are back online!

I can’t believe how much I missed blogging. I’m full of crazy stories about writing and monstrous observations. Monster Meditations will begin later this week — plus new short stories and a contest in the works for this summer.

Thank you G, P & Axe for your hard work restoring and renewing the Candy’s Monsters site.


  1. Glad you made it through your blog catastrophe. Most of my site’s content randomly disappeared at some point last summer, but luckily my web host was able to restore it without much fuss from their back-up server. Still no idea why it went up in a puff of smoke either. They didn’t really explain that part…

    • Candy Korman

      To be honest, the more they tried to explain the more muddled it seemed. I finally convinced them to act on my behalf and stop trying to educate me. LOL….