The Monsters INSIDE

I’m still exploring topics for the daily monster meditations/blog posts in February. And I’d be remiss if I ignored the ‘monsters’ inside us.

Many cultures and traditions have tales of monsters (demons, spirits, ghosts) that inhabit a person. The Dybbuk of Jewish folk tales, clings to a living person — a scary prospect! Demonic possession and dramatic exorcisms are the stuff of horror movie classics, but the idea that we all have a bad side — or the potential for evil — is the internal MONSTER.

Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is no doubt the best exploration of this good/bad split, but there are others too. Who can forget that episode of Star Trek when the transporter splits the good and ‘bad’ personality traits?

If you have an example of an internal monster, send it to me for my Monster Meditation Blog Posts next month.