The Well-Dressed Monster

I love Warren Zevon. What’s not to love? His “Werewolves of London” pops up every Halloween, but I think it’s one of those great songs that deserves to be heard for itself — without any holiday inspiration. I’m particularly fond of the line about loving to “… meet his tailor.”

The well-dressed MONSTER is a figure in modern and contemporary monster stories. There are fashions in monsters — vampires are in one year, werewolves the next — but the debonair creature of darkness is a perennial favorite. Bela Lugosi’s dramatization of Dracula feels like camp today, but his evening suit is immaculate. Check out the well-dressed vampires on “True Blood” and you’ll agree that the put-together MONSTER is always in fashion.

Zombies — with their tattered clothes and less-than-respectable hygiene — are never sexy, never seductive, never interesting beyond their eating-machine compulsion, but the hypnotic vampire enhances his, or her, allure with a well-made suit.

That’s why Warren Zevon’s werewolf is so much fun. He bridges the gap between the GQ vampires and the rough & tumble, macho werewolves. So let’s howl at the moon and praise that tailor. I like good-looking, well-dressed monsters. I bet you do too!

With all the new-style vampires to choose from — with all the cute werewolves, romantic ghosts and compelling sorcerers out there — who is YOUR choice for the best-dressed supernatural creature?

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  1. Interesting bit of Stoker trivia and the rise of the Bela Lugosi Dracula. The first film adaptation of the book Dracula was the 1922 film Nosferatu. At the time the hier’s of Stoker refused to release the rights to allow the film to be made. In order to continue the film they had to completely change the look of the villain as well as the name. It wasn’t until the Bela Lugosi Dracula that we find our favorite vampire looking as he was meant to look.

    When the film adaptation of Salem’s Lot came out, they chose the Nosferatu look for the vampire in homage to the first Dracula movie ever made.

    • Candy

      A fellow vintage vampire fan!!!

      You must have seen “Shadow of the Vampire.” I must see that one again. I saw it when it came out — great movie about movie-making as well as the wonderfully creepy vampire.

        • Candy

          Willem Dafoe, John Malkovich…. What a movie! It’s got to be more than 10 years old and I saw it then. Time to put in on my netflix queue.

        • Bram Stoker’s dracula’s came on channel 150. I watched ann rice’s lestat one month ago and halloween saturday. Michael Meyers is sexy too. The vampire is sex driven when he bites into the neck or he makes it looks so then takes a bite! Clever.

          • Candy

            Vampires have a long history of being charming and sexy — with a few of the totally ugly creepy ones thrown into the mix. Werewolves seem to be more of a mixed bag with the shaggy to rugged & shaggy types. Of course the True Blood werewolves are seriously attractive people, giving the gorgeous vampires a run for their money.

          • I think the people are going to just love to love my spiders too, because they have so much sex appeal and control. I have been going at it with this novel for some time and I have finally pinned it. Wish me luck because after all, I am about to be up against the greatest characters ever created: Vampires, Were Wolves, Frankenstein, Faeries, Trolls and Goblins and not to forget to mention, our horror creatures, Fred Kruger, Michael Meyers and Chainsaw Massacare.

          • Thank you Candy and I want to say that I am coming near to the ending of the spider book and I would like to send you a copy as a thank you for letting me voice on your blog and it is a good blog too. I will mention you on facebook!

  2. My choice for the best dressed supernatural creatures are the vampires and the leggets, a ten year old spider and her parents who live on an island called sapelo and the spiders! To me are the hottest supernatural creatures and sexier dressers aside ferom dracula and the vampires!

  3. I think the Vampire Lestat had the best of both worlds. He could dress in old-world finery and strut his stuff on the stage as a rock start!

      • Yes, lestat was cool and a bit handsome. I think all vampires are and now the werewolves are starting to show sex appeal. I plan to make my spiders even sexier and they already are. My daughter watches this show where it has monsters and she says, mom they are so cute!

        • Candy

          Lestat definitely has his appeal!
          Monsters — from the beast in beauty & the beast, on have always had their special appeal.

    • Candy

      Antonio Banderas is always sexy!
      A few years ago, I saw him on Broadway in a revival of NINE (based on Fellini’s 8 1/2 film). He was amazing on stage with a cast of truly talented women.