The Year of the MONSTERS!

When people talk about their plans for the New Year — any new year — those plans usually revolve around doing something productive or positive. Judging from ads in magazines and TV commercials, we all want to: give up white flour & sugar; do yoga daily; learn a new language; put money away for our old age or simply lose those last five pounds. Years come and years go and we rarely keep those big promises made on January 1. Well, some people make those changes for a little while. The first few weeks of January my gym is packed with “resolution-ers.” If they keep coming through the end of February, there’s a chance they might actually last, but…

Looking back at the year that’s ending is also an interesting exercise. What kind of year was 2012?

It was the year of a contentious presidential election, a year when a Hurricane/Nor’easter/Hide-Tide/Full-Moon Super-Storm hit and a year when gun violence in the U.S. reached a critical juncture that might actually cause changes in local laws and national attitudes toward guns. It was a very exciting, roller coaster of a year —wars and revolutions, climate change and fracking, insider trading and the Facebook IPO, and so much more.

For me, it was the year I e-published the second and third of my Candy’s Monsters series, joined the millions on Twitter and re-visited the Fra Angelico frescos in the Museo San Marco in Florence (the home of a mural that has haunted me for years.)

What’s coming up for 2013? More MONSTERS? Definitely. Plus a time travel/mystery story in the Times Yarns collection entitled “Cat’s Cradle” (January 2013); my cozy historical series (more on that later); non-fiction collaborations including an ebook on Green Marketing; more ghostwriting assignments; and a couple of semi-secret fiction projects.

I want 2013 to be a MONSTER of a year — a big, brave, bold and, occasionally, scary year. What kind of 2013 do you want? Tell me your plans and I hope they are for a MONSTER year too. The no-sugar, daily yoga, lose five pounds, learn Mandarin plans are all good, but the MONSTER is missing. Let’s all have a MONSTER year.


  1. I have never really done the whole resolution thing. Just looking ahead at some of the things I am going to be doing over the next year, I know 2013 will be a monster year. I am moving a bit beyond the initial stages of the first book I will be epublishing this year already. And to think this is just the warm up for the rest of the year.

  2. It has been a memorable year hasn’t it? And let’s not forget that we even managed to survive the Mayan holocaust. 😀

    I get the feeling your 2013 is going to be even more busy than 2012! You really packed an awful lot into this last year.

    For myself I’m hoping to get Vokhtah published as an e-book on January 12th, 2013. It’s a conjunction of sorts as that date also happens to be my 60th birthday! I always try to do something memorable on the big b’days and if I can pull the timing off properly, this will be huge for me.

    I’d like to get books 2, and 3 out there in 2013 as well, but just at the moment I’m still in the panicky state where everything is new and scary, so I’m not setting myself any targets I can’t achieve.

    Here’s to 2013. May it be the year in which our family of indie authors finally prove that quality does count!

    • Candy

      Wow! January 12. Excellent. I will give it to myself as a birthday present as mine is January 15.

      Quality counts in 2013 — sounds like an upbeat advertising slogan. I like it.

  3. Metan

    I have no real plans for 2013, all I would like is peace and happiness and the same for all of you bloggers (and everyone else too). I hope you have a very MONSTERY year though Candy, with more of your monster stories to come! 😀

    • Candy

      Happy & Healthy Monsters for All!

      Keep on blogging in 2013. I love those odd bits & pieces from history.

  4. Mine is January 18th and I’m a bit ahead of Andrea and beating you by a mile but let’s hope its the year we all get the Birthday present we want- Success and reader appreciation. I wish us all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

    • Candy

      Success & Reader Appreciation, plus a healthy, happy & prosperous new year — sounds like the recipe for a MONSTER 2013!

  5. I too am looking forward to a monster of a year, only mine will be filled with the creepy ghost of a little girl… I’m just not sure how the draft will end quite yet. Best of wishes in all of your writing endeavors!

    • Candy

      Right back at ‘ya!

      We should both have MONSTER years with ghosts, scary stories, suspense and even a few happy endings!