Like many writers, I’m comfortable expressing myself in written words and not as easy-going in an interview. Fortunately, Bill of is a generous and gracious interviewer.

Here we are talking about Bram Stoker’s Summer Sublet.

Chatting about Bram…


  1. I really enjoyed it Candy! The interviewer was quite insightful and your answers gave a real insight into both the book, the character of Willie and the writing process. I must say I was intrigued by your ‘not quite there’ novel. When you’re ready for some beta readers count me in!

    • Candy

      After that interview, on Monday, I started to think about that particular failed novel and tonight I came up with a new opening and a possible new voice! I think talking about it inspired me to ponder it with a constructive undercurrent. That, and the fact that I was at a club listening to wonderful Tango musicians play classic Tangos. That’s great background for this particular story.

      Bill of is an amazing interviewer — very polished and calm while he’s asking unexpected questions.