Time to Open the Book

Will this be the last full rewrite? Will I manage to make the manuscript work this time? Or will I give up on this story and chuck it into the heap of ideas that seemed promising, but never solidified?

Is it finally time to OPEN THE BOOK?

I’m driving myself a little crazy. This is nothing new. The ability to drive myself crazy is among my most finely tuned skill sets. This story began years ago and I’ve written it three times—yes, three complete, novel-length manuscripts with the same story. There are huge differences in each evolution of the novel and I think that the most recent one is close to the mark. It’s just not there—yet.

The manuscript is sitting on my desk, decorated with sticky notes from the last read though and accompanied by the review notes provided by an expert reader/editor. It’s time to open the book and get going on another go round, but I’m hesitating. My hands hover over the folder and stop.

Do I need more coffee?

Do I need more time away in order to be more objective?

Do I need objectivity?

What is objectivity anyway and why is it important? What is it about this story, this convoluted saga infused with historical settings and peopled with characters far from my personal experiences? Was I nuts to try it the first, second & third times???

Dealing with my reluctance is an interesting game. There is only so much stalling I can do before it’s…

Time to open the book!

Time to open the book…


  1. Sometimes you can spend too long away from ‘The Book’. Fear sneaks in wearing concrete boots. It’s closely followed by ennui because you know this story so well. The thrill is gone, leaving only hard, bloody work…

    I wish I could offer something other than ‘I feel your pain’. I’ve been trying to get back into the rest of the Vokhtah story for over a year. I found some useful ways to procrastinate, but now like you, I can feel the pressure mounting.
    Do it! And good luck!

    • Candy Korman

      This one has rocketed me through multiple roller coasters.
      “It’s my best work! It’s a hot mess. It just needs tightening. It’ll never be right…”
      Up and down I go.
      Yes, it’s time to try it again.