To Poe or Not to Poe — Is There a Question?

Nope! I’m Poe-ing; no question about it.

Friday, November 9 my BOOKCAST Internet radio interview about POED will go live (I’ll post the link all over the place) and a week from Friday (November 16) I’m participating in the semi-annual Poe program at NYU. This time the event is called “In the Shadow of Poe” and I will be among the presenters.

It’s been a long time since I was on stage. As a shy teenager I enjoyed it. Being on stage in a play or singing in a school concert, took me out of myself. I could be bigger, stronger, braver, wilder — you get the idea — when I was in character. I enjoyed it, but it was never my true ambition. I always wanted to write.

That being said, I’m preparing for my first book reading. My plan is to read a little from the beginning of POED and then answer questions about the Candy’s Monsters ebook series. As POED is written in the first person, a very Poe-ish approach to storytelling, I will try to become the character for those few minutes.

I’m already nervous!

To Poe or not to Poe — I think the punch line from the famous “How do you get to Carnegie Hall” joke is key. I’ll Poe on November 16, but now it’s time to “Practice, Practice, Practice.”


    • Candy

      I’ll post the link on this blog as soon as I get it on Friday — I’ll also tweet it like crazy!

      Still, so nervous about the reading on November 16.

    • Candy

      I’ll take any & all good sentiments and listen to any advice.

      So far, I’ve been told to practice in front of people and to eat bananas for potassium.