Tricks & Treats!

A few years ago I made an unusual New Year’s Resolution: I will eat only good chocolate. It turned out to be one resolution I could, and did, keep. It’s extended to every year since.

Even my Halloween offerings are good chocolate or not chocolate at all. Living, as I do, in an apartment building with few Trick or Treating aged kids, I hang a black, spider-web shaped basket on my doorknob and fill it with sweet treats. My neighbors and the staff in the building know where to find “the good stuff” so I have no need to advertise. I also fill my pockets with give out candies all day long.

This year, I’m expanding the reach of my Halloween treats to my Internet friends and their friends. All three of my Candy’s Monsters ebooks will be FREE for three days! October 30, October 31 & November 1 are FREE MONSTER DAYS.

Three Monsters?

Yes, three! If all goes well (Frankenstorm & formatting folks) POED will be available in time for Halloween and FREE!

POED is my tribute to the master of gothic horror, Edgar Allan Poe. I hope that both Poe fanatics and readers who haven’t dipped their toes into the depth of Poe’s dark and twisted, macabre stew since they were 12, will enjoy my story.

“The Mary Shelley Game” (my mystery inspired by “Frankenstein”) and “Bram Stoker’s Summer Sublet” (my dark comedy, vampire un-romance inspired by “Dracula”) and “POED” are my Halloween treats for readers. I’ve got some nice dark chocolate caramels for my door. Too bad I can’t send them along with the ebooks.


  1. Metan

    Free books! I might go against everything I normally stand for and say that is better than chocolate….

    Have a happy Halloween 😀 It is kind of horribly perfect that a monster storm is in the neighbourhood now, isn’t it? Hope all is well with you and that the treat supplies don’t run dangerously low 😉

  2. Metan

    I just went to Amazon to see if POED was there and noticed that The Mary Shelley Game is $99. Now, I’m not saying that you aren’t worth it but I bet someone put the . in the wrong place. 😀
    Feel free to delete this, I just wanted to let you know.

  3. I’m intrigued as to what you call good chocolate. I’m afraid in my country American chocolate isn’t enjoyed, no Hershey kisses for us but personally I find Swiss and Belgian chocolate too rich. I’m a Cadbury’s man – especially Bournville chocolate or maybe a Fry’s Turkish delight or creme bar ( dark chocolate again). Of course I’m a very good boy and claim it’s all sugar free especially for diabetics..he he

    • Candy

      I believe in self-defining good chocolate!

      I’m a serious Belgian, German, Swiss fan… Of course I have fond memories of Cadbury, which was my first chocolate after U.S. standard Hershey.

      Halloween has, basically, been canceled in NYC by the Frankenstorm (Sandy). I’m a electronic refugee having traveled uptown to a part of the city where I can use my computer, phone and take a shower!

      I hope you’ll find your way to my Candy’s Monsters as all 3 are for free today and tomorrow. I’m unable to do the amount of promotion I’d hoped, but…

      That’s the storm winds…

    • Candy

      Bill… I had to find my way uptown to a friends place in order to use my computer, phone and take a shower! Yes, the building and the rest of the village is a zone of darkness — and not the fun spooky, read a book with a candle for fun kind.

      Oh, well….

      Please help spread the word about the free days (today and tomorrow) for all the Candy’s Monsters!

  4. I HATE cheap and nasty chocolate! The crap stuff takes all the joy out of Easter egg hunting for me. We don’t really do Halloween the way you do but just this once I wish I could visit you building on Halloween. 😉

    Now how do I reblog this?

    • Candy

      Reblog? Oh, my… Right now, I’m happy just to be able to use my computer. Sandy — the Frankenstorm — combined a tropical hurricane with a North-Easter (winter storm). Crazy being without electricity. Please help spread the word about my free monsters. October 31 and November 1. Send folks to this blog and I’ll respond to their comments when I get to friends in other parts of the city (like now) which is tough without public transport.

      Crazy days!

      • Candy

        Halloween was officially canceled in NYC! This may not seem like much in another town, but for 30-something years there’s been a huge parade in Greenwich Village and the city loves the holiday — like Mardi Gras…

        I’m in the dark (no electricity, no wifi, no heat, no hot water…) in my home so not in the mood for a party anyway. But no pity party instead… I will simply eat my Halloween candy when the urge hits.