Vacation Monsters

My trip is winding down with only four more days before I head home. It’s been one adventure after another, and along the way I’ve filled my notebook with odd bits and pieces, ideas for stories, snatches of dialog and MONSTERS! The monsters are piling up in my notebook and on my phone, too.

Assyrian bulls, Etruscan griffins, Dragons, Titans and the rest appear whenever I travel. I’ve also snapped some monstrously bad photos of elaborate coffins in a cathedral crypt, skulls in an antiquarian collection, poisonous plants, diabolical weaponry, and one ancient and astronomically accurate, calendar hat.

I’ll share a few photos here and on the Candy’s Monsters Facebook page when I get home to NYC. It won’t be as frightening as those vacation slide shows I remember from growing up, but maybe you’ll shiver just a little or laugh out loud?


  1. The photographs sound like a ‘Must See’ but do us a favour and don’t take the monsters home with you.If any of the dragons are red will you make sure they get home safely please.
    It’s great that you’ve loaded yourself with new ideas for new books but just make sure you have a safe journey home to write them.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx.

    • Candy Korman

      Yes, I will be sure to leave the European monsters in their appropriate homes. Just taking home photos, notes and memories — essential post-holiday tokens.