Vampire Found in East Village

A vampire has been living — and feeding — in the East Village neighborhood of New York City for decades….

April Fools!

Or not? It’s the premise for my next MONSTER: Bram Stoker’s Summer Sublet (to be published this spring/summer).


  1. lol – Happy April Fool’s day 😀 Nice teaser for the Sub-let. Btw I keep forgetting to ask – what actually is a sub-let? To me that conjures up an image of an old house maybe partitioned in a number of small, bedsits, all sharing the one bathroom or something. Right? Wrong?

    • Candy

      Nope… wrong. A sublet is when a renter rents out their home to another person. In New York there are both legal and illegal sublets. When it’s legal, the landlord has OK’d the sublet. When it’s done behind the landlord’s back — not so. In New York some apartments are ‘rent controlled’ and many are ‘rent stabilized.’ Rent increases on these two categories are regulated. Just about everyone knows someone who has gamed the system by subletting their place for a sizable mark-up, instead of just moving out and moving on. When the new tenant signs a lease there’s a bigger jump in the rent and, depending on various factors, the apartment may change to free market value. Landlords usually want the turnover so they can raise the rent. If you own, you can also sub-let. In some co-ops and condos, there are fees or limits on how long you can sub-let.

      In New York — everyone is obsessed with real estate. It’s right up there with the Yankees, Wall Street and politics.

      Of course I didn’t know a thing about alpaca poop until you posted about it. In real estate and in life, the three top things are location, location, location…