Vampire Real Estate Contest WINNER!!!

And the winner is… Gale!

I felt a tingle of inspiration run up my spine when I read Gale C.’s description of the Loew’s Paradise Theater on the Grand Concourse. The idea of a vampire living in an ornate and extravagant, old-fashioned movie palace is elegant and invites a great story. I’m not sure if this vampire tale will take place in her particular historic theater or, perhaps, in another one of the grand buildings built when everyone went to the movies. As I develop the idea, I’ll see… Gale will receive her $20 Amazon e-book spending spree AND an original vampire story to be published on this site in 2015.

Kudos to EVERYONE who entered! I was astonished by the creativity and range of entries. I’ve got to single out some of the wild and wicked runners up…

Kris W.

Kris suggested setting a vampire story during the famous “Year Without a Summer” when the volcanic ash from Mt. Tambora in Indonesia darkened skies across the planet.

Lisa M.

Lisa pointed out that even the most famous of the beautiful old mansions on Long Island, including the old Guggenheim estate in Sands Pont that is used for designer show houses and corporate events, have unused basements and laundry rooms. The combination of the bluffs overlooking Long Island Sound AND the history of opulence, make the Guggenheim family’s “beach cottage” a great location for a vampire story.

Greg G.

Greg took yet another out-of-the-box approach giving the vampire a sailboat charter business and a history aboard sailing ships. Greg even linked the vampire to the origin of the Bermuda Triangle mythology.


    • Candy Korman

      I’ve already started the story. An old movie house — one of those wild and beautiful temples of Hollywood worship — is a great place for a Vampire to “live” in undead happiness.

  1. Aaah. I would have loved to be alive, and wealthy enough to dress up and go to one of those beautiful old movie theatres. Great choice and congratulations Gale! Looking forward to the story. 😀

    • Candy Korman

      I just imagine myself as an extra in a Claudette Colbert film. Wow… those dresses, the glamor, the romance..