Werewolf Contest

And the winner is…..


His Wall Street werewolf idea was irresistible and so I’ve begun writing a story about full moons & money!

Look for another Candy’s Monsters Contest in 2016.



    • Candy Korman

      Excellent submission! You’ve raised the stakes already….
      (And yes, you are allowed to submit more than one entry in the Working Werewolves Contest.)

  1. Gale Citron

    Mr. Moe A. “Wolfgang” Zartz, a humble barber in Bensonhurst when he
    pilfered the formula for an incredible hair- restoration tonic from an old Romanian gypsy woman. Mr. Zartz became not only President of the Hirsute Club for Men, but also a client. And now, the gypsy woman wants revenge…

  2. Gale Citron

    Man walks into his psychiatrist’s office claiming to be a werewolf. Doc attempts to cure him of his delusion, but the man insists. At a loss, Doc decides to do some research, and he reads somewhere that werewolves do not bleed. Next session, the shrinks asks, “is it true that werewolves don’t bleed?” “Yes, that is so,” replies the client, at which point Doc pulls out a large hatpin and sticks the guy in the hand, bringing forth a fountain of red. To wit, the man responds, ‘So what do you know? Werewolves DO bleed!”

  3. Lisa M.

    A werewolf bartender, of course. Sleeps during day. Works in early evening and then wreaks havoc after work is done and goes out for a few drinks with coworkers.

  4. gale

    Ok, I polled my co-workers for werewolf ‘day jobs” and here they are: taxi driver, zoo keeper, 7-11 clerk, post office clerk, hair dresser, psychiatrist, night nurse, taxidermist, dog catcher/ ASPCA worker.

  5. Hendrikus

    A werewolf

    Is not married… Too suspicious in bed after midnight
    -SO she is a bachelorette

    She must have a profession that lets her act on her little secret island
    -So she is a nerdy type, with unfixed working times

    She has a heart
    – So she works from what she experiences during the day… She will ‘punish’ bad people

    I would say she is


    • Candy Korman

      Oh my!
      What a great idea. She could dispatch evil doers on the full moon and still turn a profit for her investment clients.

  6. Lisa M.

    The werewolf should be a bartender. Goes to work at night. Can hunt after work at night and then sleep during the day to do it all over again…. Call her Bar Wolf

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