Werewolves at Work

If you haven’t heard, the new Candy’s Monsters Contest has begun! It’s the Working Werewolves Contest.

Yes, I’m making myself crazy again, hosting a contest with TWO prizes that go to ONE winner —an Amazon gift certificate and a short story written using the premise provided by the winner. Last year the Vampire Real Estate Contest (the best/worst places for a the undead to live) resulted in a fabulous assortment of suggested locales —from the Bermuda Triangle to the land of the midnight sun. The winning entry was the suggestion that I locate a vampire in a classic New York movie palace. I enjoyed writing “Queen of the Movies” and the response to the story was wonderful!

Have you ever wondered what a werewolf does when the moon is not full and he’s got to pay the rent? Maybe you’ve noticed that your boss never works late and you’re already wondering if she’s running home to howl at the moon? I’m looking for werewolf employment ideas.

Check the contest page for the details and deadlines. I’m up for the challenge of choosing the winner and writing the prize. Are you ready to give this contest a try?werewolf-contest